Taking Care of Your Cars’ Paint


After a mere few years your cars’ paint can begin to fade and that “showroom shine” can diminish. With proper car care you can make your car look new again. The use of protective coatings or preventive sealants can reduce the damage caused by the elements, particularly that of the damaging UV rays caused by the sun.  Parking your car in a garage or under some type of shade will also help during the summer months. Your car is also subject to road salts in the wintertime, which can inhibit rust growth. Additionally, air pollutants and chemicals can trigger rust growth, during any season. The solution: Regular car care routines that include washing, waxing and rinsing away these chemicals. Also a good rinse of your undercarriage will help to prevent rust growth there that can eventually reach your cars’ paint. If at all possible, take your car to an automatic car wash that offers an under carriage pressure wash each month, after the winter season ends. This will remove any road salt build-up and any mud or other debris that can result in rust or corrosion that may lead to costly car repair expenses.

Wax your car during your monthly car care routine, as well. This will permit your car to maintain a shiny new car appearance, as well as the wax will protect your cars’ paint

For scratches and chips in your cars’ paint, you can order spray paint from your car manufacturer to match our cars’ color, perfectly. Or you can take your car to a local car repair center that performs paint and body repairs and they can repair the more severe scratches and chips to the paint.

Following these steps, you can feel confident that your aging car looks fresh off the lot and retains the beauty that attracted you to it.

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