Automatic ‘Drive-Through’ Car Washes


Automatic “drive-through’ car washes are safe for your car and save you valuable time. Automatic car washes can clean your car much better than doing it yourself, in the yard with a garden hose, because with automatic car washes they use more forceful water and much more of it. This means the dirt and dust will be rinsed away from your car much more thoroughly than you can do yourself. Correct rinsing and use of appropriate soap for car washing is essential in the routine car care process.


There are a few tips you should remember when going to an automatic car wash. First make sure you go to a “brushless” or “touchless” automatic car wash. Older automatic car washes use coarse brushes, as opposed to cloth. These brushes can result in scratches and damage to the exterior clear coat on your cars paint. When it comes to drying your car after the wash, some automatic car washes use forced hot air to dry your car. If the Automatic car wash is a center and they offer “hand drying” the best choice is to opt out of this drying option and let your car simply air dry while driving. You can buff out any streaks left behind later, yourself, using a soft cloth and gentle rubbing motions. Before leaving the automatic car wash center, check your car and make sure that everything is fine and in proper working condition because occasionally, damage can be caused as a result of the high pressure water or forced air dry. Although, most automatic car washes have notices visible to their patrons that declare they are not liable for any car repairs that result from any damages incurred at this car wash, you should still continue to note the address, the owners’ name, and information about any witnesses to the damage. If you do notice any damage as a result of the automatic car wash, using a mobile phone camera or another camera, if available to you, take photos from several different areas of the damage area of your car to submit to your car insurance company. Whether you choose to self wash or automatic wash your car, it is an essential part of correct car care and should be performed on a regular basis; monthly your car should be cleaned inside and outside and all important functions should be inspected, as well. Good maintenance of your car is crucial to its’ performance and will not only leave your car looking good but will help to avoid unnecessary car repairs later.

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